Extra cold gel


Have you ever struggled trying to improve skin texture? This slim gel tones up your skin and reaffirms it at the same time.
This body slimming gel is created with seaweed and centella asiatica extracts, effective natural ingredients that visibly helps you get rid of cellulite. This gel also actively helps remove fat.
this is a cream that you can apply every day!
This cream is ideal if you want to eliminate cellulite fast, these cellulite creams are the perfect complement to your exercising routine or your everyday use girdle. With a proper diet, you’ll lose cellulite and inches faster than you think!


Should only be used after being cleared by your doctor if using after post pregnancy/ post surgery


do not use if breastfeeding 

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Gorgeous VIP Clientele holds itself to the highest standards with our waist cinchers and curve enhancing products With the highest quality waist trainer ready to be worn as soon as it hits your doorsteps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diet and exercise is the key to living a healthy life style. Diet and exercising while waist training will speed up the process and you will see amazing results. Eating clean and being active will also accelerate weight loss while waist training. If you are not active consistency is key, wear your  Waist Trainer for at least 8 hours a day to assure results.
When your Waist Trainer no longer feel like its compressing you on the last latch and begins to slide and move around it is no longer effective and its time to size down
Hand wash your garment and hang to dry only. You can also wipe the garments down with antibacterial or alcohol wipes. 
We recommend consulting your Doctor and waiting at least 6 weeks post cesarean to wear your shapewear. Please see our disclaimer.
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