high waist leggings


  • 100% Nylon
  • SPORTY LOOK THAT MAKES YOU LOOK FIT AND GORGEOUS: The butt lifting design of these shapewear leggings will get your booty up all day and help you look great. If you are looking for butt lifter leggings, these are the ones you need! Once you get in a pair of Laty Rose high waisted leggings, you'll just have to wait for a performance boost! The only thing people will notice of your high waist shapewear is the beauty of your svelte silhouette.
  • ACTIVEWEAR FOR YOU EVERYDAY OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES These compression pants restrict excessive muscle motion that takes place during running, reduces waste of energy, giving you a better performance for the same amount of energy. Who wouldn't like to up her game? The use of compression leggings reduces the pain during and after intensive physical activities, thus allowing you to carry on for longer.
  • SOFT, POWERFUL & SLIMMING FABRICS: With an amazing blend of materials, Laty Rose has an incredible alternative for the woman looking for new high waisted workout leggings . The inner part of these compression leggings is made of 79% nylon and 21% lycra, while the outside is 84% nylon and 16% lycra. The stretchable fabric is carefully chosen to ensure maximum comfort and no itching, irritation or chafing.
  • HIGH WAIST SEAMLESS LEGGINGS These thigh shapewear leggings were designed to keep your booty round and up!. With a mid-rise wide waistband that gives support and control to the abdominal area for an hourglass figure like having a girdle inside! Gorgeous Hourglass Shape. With beautiful colors to choose from, these butt lifter leggings are the perfect thigh slimmer to complement your ensembles for those days when you need a little more support and control.

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Gorgeous VIP Clientele holds itself to the highest standards with our waist cinchers and curve enhancing products With the highest quality waist trainer ready to be worn as soon as it hits your doorsteps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Diet and exercise is the key to living a healthy life style. Diet and exercising while waist training will speed up the process and you will see amazing results. Eating clean and being active will also accelerate weight loss while waist training. If you are not active consistency is key, wear your  Waist Trainer for at least 8 hours a day to assure results.
When your Waist Trainer no longer feel like its compressing you on the last latch and begins to slide and move around it is no longer effective and its time to size down
Hand wash your garment and hang to dry only. You can also wipe the garments down with antibacterial or alcohol wipes. 
We recommend consulting your Doctor and waiting at least 6 weeks post cesarean to wear your shapewear. Please see our disclaimer.
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